Victorian insults generator

If you call someone a butt sniffer, they know they've been burnt Phillips sure did! But burns like "flapdoodle" and "mumbling cove," on the other hand, don't have quite the same bite. Back in the 19th century, though, throwing one of these insults could get you challenged to a duel.

Below are the definitions for these Victorian insults, plus 14 more rude words that we definitely think should be integrated back into modern vernacular.

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The information comes courtesy of Chambers Slang Dictionary by Jonathon Green, a noted author of several old-time urban dictionaries. He's no ratbag, but feel free to use that word on your least favorite neighbor. Example: "Hey man, sorry I'm late.

Some total church bell on the street wouldn't stop lecturing me about Scientology. Do you know what a thetan is? A sexually incompetent man, who is either too young to have had sex or one who is too old to attempt it "flapdoodle" also referred to nonsense or rubbish and ladyparts in the same time period. It means his penis doesn't work. A bungler, or one who does things clumsily.

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Example: "God, Karen you are such a foozler. Are you at least going to help me glue my '99 intramural basketball trophy back together? An ugly person, especially one with a heavy lower jaw. Example: "Jay Leno is a total gibface. I prefer my late-night hosts to have weak chins. A prostitute, who presumably works in the countryside "creeper" could also be substituted for "prowler" or "ranger".

Example: "See that hedge-creeper over in the cul-de-sac? She just asked me if I wanted to party. I think I'm going to call the police. Example: "Dan is such a hornswoggler!

He told me he was personal friends with an Nigerian prince who needs help, and I'm starting to believe he's never even been to Nigeria. Example: "That jollocks who got stuck in the bathtub was our 27th president, William Howard Taft. A heavily acned nose the assumption here was that the acned nose was the result of drinking too much malmsey wine.

Example: "You get total malmsey nose after two beers. You should probably see a dermatologist. Example: "Quit being such a meater and jump out of the plane, Frank! A shabby person or an unpleasant, deceitful landlord. Can you believe that? Also, his tattered coat was hideous. A policeman, especially one tasked with harrying street prostitutes.

Example: "I ain't telling you nothing, mutton shunter. Stop laughing, it's an insult! Example : "Oh man, I'm so scared of birds, I can't even go outside if there are too many out there. I guess you could say I'm pigeon-livered. But please don't, I fear pigeons the most. A general term of abuse; a rogue or an eccentric. Example: "Sheena is a total ratbag.April 11,am Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email?

See details here. Master Tinkerer Wales. Victorian Insults. Does anyone know a source of genuine Victorian insults? I'm hoping for some terms of abuse that would have been used, but are no longer offensive in common usage. Preferably with associated meanings. I've already had one "expert" tell me a term that "Victorians would have used for Africans", which is "not going to offend anyone in the 21st century".

Except that isn't what it means and apparently it's deeply offensive to Muslims. You see my problem. So - has anyone come across any obscure insults in their reading of 19th century literature?

victorian insults generator

And please - not the usual list of Shakespearean insults, he wasn't a Victorian and I'm not looking for comedy value. Thank you for reading. Re: Victorian Insults. There's a few in this thread, iirc there's a couple Steampunk insults thread too. Thanks, Major, much appreciated.

A few good ones, but mostly comedy or Shakespeare. Any more suggestions? When to Tip the Hat Proper etiquette required a gentleman to tip his hat by lifting it slightly at the front when encountering a female as a sign of respect. This was the polite thing to do and is akin to a military salute or the ancient custom of a medieval knight lifting his face visor.

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Delivery Delivery Icon Same day delivery within Melbourne. Help Help Icon Help. Previous Previous Icon. Check Check Icon In Stock. Wishlist Wishlist Icon Add to wishlist. Wishlist Wishlist Icon Remove from wishlist. Add to Cart. Sorry, something went wrong. Electronic insult generator s of combinations Batteries included! Comes with lanyard Read More. Return Return Icon. Share this product! Insulting your partner, friends and family can be really hard work and sometimes, you're insulting with such frequency and enthusiasm that you run out of insults and then you're stuck with all this rage-induced enthusiasm and nothing to say!

Which is why The Insulinator is so handy. Simply press the big red button to hear a randomly generated insult! There are literally thousands of combinations to be heard, so every time you press it you're in for a surprise!

The Insultinator comes with its own neck strap so you can keep it handy in case you end up in a situation where you need an emergency insult! Beautifully gift packaged, The Insultinator is a hilarious novelty gift, and batteries are included! Ages: Ages 10 and above.Generate Insult Click the button above to generate an insult. Sometimes when you're in a rap battles you want to use a good punchline but can't think of any. Using this insult generator you can find a quick diss to use to insult your opponent.

Rap battles are all about making the other person look inferior, so it's important to include some disses or insults. It's not recommended to just steal one of these and find a rhyme for it. Although, that'd easily be done by using the rap editor. Instead what I would do is find out why the insult works, and try to derive from it. Or use it as inspiration. Try to rehash the insult and use it from another angle. We searched across the world wide web to find the absolute best insults and disses.

We scored them using magic algorithms. Then we stored them in our database so we can serve them to you! It's highly unlikely you'll find better disses anywhere else on the web.

Why use an insult generator? How do I come up with disses? Where are these disses from? Cookin' something up, just wait a secFor centuries and millennia long before we all pretended we liked each other, the people of Ireland spent the long, rainy days hurling abuse at each other — and no harm to them.

For swearing in Ireland is not as intense as swearing is in any other nation we're looking at you Americathis is expression in its truest form — and the only way Irish people know how. For those of you who have never heard this before, you either grew up in Sandymount or probably thought it was a mystical creature of some sort.

victorian insults generator

According to Wikipedia, yes, Wikipedia actually has a page entitled ' Gombeen man ' a Gombeen is term used in Ireland for a shady, small-time 'wheeler-dealer' or businessman who is always looking to make a quick profit, often at someone else's expense or through the acceptance of bribes. So, basically — a little squirrelly crook who'd peel an orange in his pocket so he wouldn't have to share. Bit of a twit, hasn't got their shit together and never will. Kind of endearing, but also lacking in cop-on.

Not a huge leap from gobdaw, but a definite step up all the same. Generally used in an encouraging way to try to get someone to be better or work quicker e.

Either pronounced with an elongated Z sound after the D, if you're from The Big Shmoke — otherwise it's said more like 'dawwwwwp' if the midlands is your stomping ground.

Another word dripping in affection, something we Irish just don't know how to handle. Good value to have on the sesh, but not really someone you'd grab a coffee with. A word that, legend has it, is written on every page of the Book of Kells because it's so bloody relevant. A gowl is someone who eggs a gaff, trips over a hedgehog after legging it in the wrong direction, drops his phone down a manhole and then literally drives into a Garda car.

Not blessed in the intelligence department, God bless them. Generally sound enough and has great patience with making a pot of tea.

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A little shkirt who flirts her way around the town only to inevitably receive the nickname 'brazen hussy' and become excommunicated from all the farming families with land in the tri-county area. Bit more than a brat, bit less than a prick. Skating on a very fine line, and would definitely lamp a box at some guy in a club for the craic like. Bit of a useless sod, doesn't do much and spends most of their life horizontal.

Main meals would be bowls of cereal. Not much craic. Inflicts cruel and unusual punishments on her prey and is all in all, a bit of a hag. They generally used to be kinda hot, but lost it with either the rise of puberty, or the fall of the middle aged spread. The most embarrassing of them all.

You're just no fun, no value and you bring nothing to the table apart from your gloomy disposition and the puss on your face. A tool is a dope mixed with a gowl mixed with a gobshite.

A tool will say a sentence and say 'NAAT' at the end, just to be a tool. A tool will spit in your hand before shaking it at Mass.Published quarterly and shipped worldwide! Click here for more information.

One of our favorite facets of British English are the beautiful insults that are possible with the proper turn of phrase. This list is not for the faint of heart and will feature some rather rude language. Let us know in the comments! Please try to stay away from racism and keep it relatively humorous. Jonathan is a consummate Anglophile with an obsession for Britain that borders on psychosis.

Anglotopia is his full time job and he's always dreaming of his next trip to England, wishing he lived there - specifically Dorset - and is always trying to figure out a way to move to England.

It will happen one day. Keep up with him on Twitter here. Would only be applied to a man if he was weedy or effeminate. When used on a man, equivalent of wanker or douche. Originally from London, she has lived in Cornwall, Somerset, Milton Keynes and North Wales so has been exposed to a great deal of regional scatology as well as the regular kind over the years in her career in Customer service. Finds the American vocabulary to be distinctly lackiing when it comes to creative insults but works hard on remedying the situation.

Thanks for the feedback. A sandwich short of a picnic being one of my particular favourites. Dunderhead is another one. I am trying that East of Atlanta as the R Word just seems to cover everything mentally challenged in Georgia. I also find the word spazz abhorent but again that is viewed as acceptable in the United States.

Dont forget that lovely description of someone ugly who is said to have a face like a Bulldog chewing a wasp. I seem to recall that phrase was once used to describe the late, great Margaret Rutherford….

victorian insults generator

I believe its familiarity to Americans probably owes more to its use in a s episode of The Simpsons and its subsequent adoption by some US commentators to refer to French opposition to the invasion of Iraq in Face like a slapped arse means a miserable pissed off pouty look, not ugly looking. Could it be Essex girls are getting things wrong and displaying a poor command of English? Babe, basically, i was like, literally shocked to death, I promise you…like I swear, I literally died!!

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All my best curses came from my guess what nationality? Princess Anne got into a lot of hot water when she employed it. I myself am v partial to calling someone a tosser whilst making no judgements about the frequency of their self pleasure. I believe it is toe rag. Not really. Just picture them.Besides being the greatest writer in the history of the English language, William Shakespeare was the master of the pithy put-down.

Next time someone winds you up or you need to win an argument in fine style, why not try dropping one of these old-fashioned insults into your conversation? To bespawl means to spit or dribble. A bespawler is a slobbering person, who spits when he talks.

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An old Tudor English word for a fool. As well as being another name for a nincompoop, a dorbel is a petty, nit-picking teacher. You rampallion! You fustilarian! I'll tickle your catastrophe," Falstaff exclaims. If not just a variation of fustylugshe likely meant it to mean someone who stubbornly wastes time on worthless things.

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A leasing is an old word for an untruth or falsehood, making a leasing-monger or a leasing-maker a habitual liar. This is a 17th century term for a slacker. An idling, lazy good-for-nothing. Literally, someone who seems to spend all day in bed. Derived from the name of a stock character in medieval theatrical farces, a mumblecrust is a toothless beggar. In Victorian English, doing quisby meant shirking from work or lazing around.

A quisby was someone who did just that. A visitor who outstays his or her welcome. Originally, someone who stays so late the dying coals in the fireplace would need to be raked over just to keep it burning. Saddling geese is a proverbially pointless exercise, so anyone who wastes their time doing it—namely, a saddle-goose —must be an imbecile.

14 Victorian Insults To Unleash In Casual Conversation

Probably derived from scopperloitan old English dialect word for a vacation or a break from work, a scobberlotcher is someone who never works hard. A badly-behaved child. The name soon came to be used of any buzz-killing faultfinder—an in particular someone who always finds fault in the places they visit. Someone who constantly interrupts a conversation, typically only to contradict or correct someone else. Sorning was the 16th century equivalent of mooching or sponging, and so a sorner is someone who unappreciatively lives off other people.

The Insultinator Random Insult Generator

In Greek mythology, one of The Twelve Labors of Hercules was to destroy the Stymphalian birds, a flock of monstrous, man-eating birds with metal beaks and feathers, who produced a stinking and highly toxic guano. A Stymphalist is someone who smells just as unpleasant. Zoilus was a Greek grammarian who became known as one of the most vitriolic critics of Homer, author of The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Consequently, a zoilist is an overly-critical and judgmental nitpicker. In general, statements with may indicate higher probability than those with might. However, there are plenty of exceptions. For one, might is the past tense of mayso you should technically never use may if your statement is taking place in the past.

If rewatching The Sopranos is sounding more and more appealing with every example in this article, you should know that HBO is currently offering that series and tons of other content for free, no subscription necessary. Over the course of history, the human race has come up with many delightfully creative ways to describe the act of breaking wind.

From regional terms to old-timey phrases, here are 25 ways to say fart that you should work into conversation whenever toots come up. The act of farting or belching is known as floating an air biscuitby the way. You can also use the term fartkin. Scientists, by the way, have determined that the median weight of a fart is around 90 milliliters.

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